Velkommen til å overnatte i Konfirmantsalen!

onsdag 8. desember 2010

Konfirmantsalen i Veldre

The pilgrims hostel "Konfirmantsalen" is situated along the St Olaf ways in Ringsaker, about 200 meters southeast of Veldre church. It takes a day to walk from Hamar to Veldre.

The hostel is run by local pilgrim friends, and has a capacity of about 15 guests, all in one, big bedroom. The price is 100 NOK per person per night.

In the house you will find mattresses, a fully equipped kitchen, shower and toilets.

The hostel is open from May to October. If you wish to stay in "Konfirmantsalen" and to tell us about this, please contact us at konfirmantsalen@gmail.com or by phone +47 47719326.

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